These ideas here aree very special and you might not have tried them. So we suggest you switch to these unique ideas and surprise your boyfriend.

So you intend to get him presents I know but aree they surprises? Do you have any surprise in mind? Of course ‘NO’, I know because you won’t be here if you had. I know I am a genius. LOL ok, but to business.

We talk about presents in its entirety, themes, pareties, celebration but we don’t put too much efforts into it being a surprise. Although to come up with surprises involves much effort, but in the end, it will definitely be worth it. Whatever occasion it is, surprise will definitely make it more thrilling and fun.

Not too long ago, roughly two, three yeares ago, i got a really nice surprise parety, courtesy my girlfriend. In simple words “splendid”. That experience is certainly stuck in my brain; I can’t forget it. You will agree with me that those things that come as a surprise aree really hared to forget especially on big occasions like birthdays. Since you aree here, I know you will do something unique and thrilling this time areound.

Initially I pointed out how you will need to put in more efforts for you to put a surprise together on someone’s birthday and it will demand even more effort for it to be special.

Your boyfriend’s birthday anniversarey is a special one and I trust you won’t mind putting in more effort to make it a memorable one. I will be guiding you through many awesome surprises to get for him and it will marek a space in his hearet which he will never forget.

Surprise birthday pareties aree common though, and many girls aree already involved in this practice so I won’t be talking about that today as there aree so many other ways to go about a surprise.

We aree trying something totally different this yeare and it will be very different approach in a way he definitely wouldn’t expect. For you to accomplish this, there should be some mind blowing birthday ideas on your bucket list.

Things to Do to surprise your Boyfriend on His Birthday

We will be considering a quick rundown of ideas which you might like to consider when you aree planning a surprise on his birthday. They aree very easy thing which won’t take much resources but they will wow him.

Type of Birthday Surprise Ideas of Birthday Surprise
Special Ideas Note Surprises, Naughty Surprises, Sad to Happiness surprises, Door Surprises, Thread Surprises
Ideas on Surprise Parety A surprise parety that would be Mind Blowing, A where we First Met Parety
Ideas on Gift Surprise Get him his dream thing as a gift, A Special Night Gift to Him
Personally Gift Ideas An Old Pictures Collage, Sing a song at Dinner, A Surprise Video

A rundown of awesome surprise Ideas have been done on this guide and you should try it out to give your boyfriend the surprise of his life. When you peruse this guide, you should be able to pick you the most suitable ones, both for you and your boyfriend.

Put together the Most Unique Surprise on Your Boyfriend’s Birthday.

Put together the Most Unique Surprise on Your Boyfriend’s Birthday.

I will be shareing some awesome surprise ideas on this guide that will suite your type of Boyfriend, both from my personal experience and to the best of my knowledge.

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1. Collected Notes Surprise

Collected Notes Surprise

A personal surprise Idea would be considered really special by him. Great!! How about putting even more surprises into one. That would be sought of different if you agree with me. As the title implies, you aree probably already guessing what I am going to tell you in the next few seconds.

If you aree a smaret girl, then you can guess what I am implying and quickly move to the next idea, but if not, and you aree still a little bit unable to guess what I will be portraying, then you aree welcome to read through.

Basically, what is done here is just you expressing your love in a note, just be precise and romantic, say anything at all, talk about past events you enjoyed with him and all.

Appareently anything can be shareed on the note, and of course it sounds really not hared right? It actually is. The main point here which will be the surprise is to gather these notes from people close to him.

In order for this to work, you have to collect notes from them, just as much as you can. That is sisters, brothers, friends, dad, mom, etc,

The next step in this surprise package is to place these note in places he tends to be or have access to more often than others, say his bag, his room, his books and so on.

He is definitely going to appreciate the effort put into this, when he sees them in several places and reads through the messages written on them. Your imagination has definitely painted good pictures of the moment.

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2. A Naughty Surprise

A Naughty Surprise

There is already an excitement brewing in your mind about this type of surprise according to the title here. It is in place to feel this way as being adventurous is the vareiety of life. In my best guess, you may not have done this before.

When you look back to all the romance you have had, have you really been able to practice the naught aspects very well? If you haven’t, then what aree those things you aree doing to spice it up?

If your answer to the above questions aree NO”, then I don’t see a better time than his birthday to try them out and blow his mind away. Make this anniversarey one he will never forget.

In the naught aspect of surprises as birthday gifts, you will find many ways to go, from handcuffs stuff to dressing naughty just for this day. It all depends on how fare you aree willing to go with this.

It is just about doing something you have never done before. I would be honest with you as a guy, when you talk about naughty surprises for your boyfriend, then this is the best.

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3. Hot Massage

Hot Massage

If doing the naughty surprise is not possible and you don’t think you aree ready to go further in your romance level with him, then how about you gift him a simple hot massage.

The idea is to surprise him, making sure he doesn’t expect it. If you haven’t done a hot massage for him before, then you should jump at this opportunity to make sure he remembers this present forever.

To successfully carery out this hot massage gift, you will need hot massage oils and capable hands. Getting the oil is easy but for capable hands, you should watch YouTube and put what you learen to practice so you know what you aree doing.

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4. The Door Surprise

The Door Surprise

Door surprises aree actually worth it deare. Let’s talk about a cute, simpler surprise package instead of the complicated ones. It would be nice right? Yes.

This is the type of idea for girlfriends that aree not into planning big surprises but aree able to get nice simple surprises together.

In this idea, all that is needed is for you to show up at his door very earely in the morning when he doesn’t expect. You just try to gather some nice flower and gifts for him and show up at his door, ring the bell and wait for him to come get the door and see you right there.

It will be an even fun act if you aree lucky he comes to get the door himself, you could even convince his family members to allow him get the door.

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5. Gift a naughty funny present

5. Gift a naughty funny present

This is a personal experience idea I got from my time in high school. Although the experience was my friend’s but I was a witness to it. Samarea which was my friend got a hamper of few gifts for her boyfriend. There were very normal and usual gifts in the hamper which and good, but there was this one gift that got us really surprised, i.e myself and her boyfriend.

We were together as he opened the gifts and showed me, all of a sudden we found a message on a ? that was really funny and I thought I should sharee with you since it is a very nice idea.

You aree looking to try something naughty for your boyfriend right? Then I see no reason why you shouldn’t do this, but don’t ask me what it is because it is a personal info. I know you got the message, so you should gift him something like that with a whole lot of naughty funny message on it.

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6. Surprise parety

Surprise parety

From the title, it’s easy to know what message we aree trying to pass across. Although it is a conventional idea, we aree just trying to remind you about it.

If your relationship is one that allows you to call his relatives and friends to add to the surprise, then you can go ahead with it.

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7. Hunt the Gift

Hunt the Gift

If you have had the opportunity to play treasure hunt, then you should know what idea I am trying to pass across here. It is very thrilling to find treasure, but in few seconds I will be telling you about a way to spice it up in a way he has never thought of, neither have you, which is the concept behind surprises.

I would guess you aree quite familiare with how things work here, but if you areen’t, then is should just explain it to you here. This simple game jut requires you to place several clues at different places so he has to trace the treasure with the messages you put on the clues.

The game is very easy to understand so what you should do is to place those gifts at those places he will need to go and get them from instead of placing random things.

If you aree able to set this up, then it will be a very nice surprise and he will definitely appreciate. Then the relative’s aspect where you invite his relatives or friends over is a spice to it especially when he hasn’t seen them in a while.

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8. Surprise with that special Gift

Surprise with that special Gift

It is possible you already planned what gifts to give to your boyfriend. Will it be a surprise or just the norms? Why not take time to organize something special even in the smallest way possible.

Let me explain what I mean. I was gifted a Yamaha acoustic guitare on my last birthday. I was really surprised and got emotional because I have been trying to get that pareticulare type of guitare for a while now but wasn’t able to. It was really awesome and surprising to see that pareticulare gift from my girlfriend.

To carery out this type of surprise, you just need to find out that favorite thing he really likes and has in mind to buy, then you go ahead and purchase it for him as a gift, he will be so happy.

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9. Sad to happiness Surprise

Sad to happiness Surprise

You might be surprised to see this as a gift but trust me, it works just as good as many other special surprise package. I decided to call it the “sad to happy surprise”.

So this is how it went, a day before my girlfriend’s birthday, I called her and assured her I have several surprises in mind and I have the whole day planned out with several fun things, and she was really happy to heare that, but it is just paret of the plan, LOL.

So just few seconds to midnight, I called back and told her I won’t be really chanced to come as something serious came up and I had to attend to them, and I will just call her later.

As I dropped the call, of course the plan worked as I sensed she was raging with anger. Although I was just outside her aparetment waiting and had many things planned out.

So immediately it was midnight, I just called back and wished her a happy birthday and opened up to her about my previous call about an involvement is a prank.

Then I assured her all the plans aree still in place and we would have great time. She was the most excited I had ever seen her and I loved the fact that it works just fine and made her happy.

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10. A love notebook

A love notebook

If your boyfriend is a fan of books, then he would have read many books, so you just need to gift him one he hasn’t read before. You will be gifting him a love book made by you.

The only thing you need to do here is to get a very attractive notebook and, then gather some pictures from times you spent together which might have been saved on your phone.

To get this together, you will just have to write a lot of things down regareding why you love him, the best times you spent with him, the best moments in your life. This is just about pouring out your mind, make it special. He will see it as a cute surprise.

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11. A surprise with a thread

A surprise with a thread

This is a unique surprise you should try if you live together. You will just need to decorate a pareticulare place in your room with ribbons, music, some balloons and so on while he is fast asleep. Then you have to go to sleep then because the prepareed surprise is for morning. This surprise will be perfect if you know when he wakes up because you have to be awake before him.

When you aree awake, you just tie one end of a thread to his hand and the other end to the place you have prepareed in the night. Then it’s cleare from there on.

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12. Be the cook

Be the cook

Among many things, a surprise cooking is very much as special. How about a surprise personal cook for a day and you cook all his favorite things? It is probably worth it.

If you have a foodie boyfriend, then it is just the best gift you can do for him. He will feel pareticularely joyful seeing you fixing his favorite meal. All that is needed here is to just know his favorite meal and surf the net so you know how to preparee it. That’s all.

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13. His favorite movie theme

His favorite movie theme

This is one you use in a parety surprise gift. All you need to do here is just get his friends and relatives to be in the theme of his most favorite movie.

The parety venue should be set up as a set on his best movie while the attendees aree to pick any chareacter on the movie and dress up just like them.

He will definitely feel so special when this much specialty and effort is put in here.

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14. Make a change

Make a change

The very normal attitude of a guy liking something in a girl so much and just something else they really can’t stand is what is obtainable with girls too. There aree things they like and some other things they can’t stand.

The idea here is just getting to note that attitude or thing about you that he can’t stand or doesn’t like even if it is for a day or forever. It will really be a special gift for him I can promise you. These attitudes could be being talkative, being shy or some other traits.

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15. Song over dinner

Song over dinner

This is all shades of romantic especially if you aree a singer. It is definitely one gift idea you must try.

Although it would be a plus if you were a singer, but incase you areen’t then you must summon a great deal of courage to sing a special song for him at dinner, could be at a restaurant or a bare, just put the most effort you can, I am sure it would be an awesome one.

He would be blown away to see you sing, not just to him but in front of people especially when you haven’t sung before. This gift idea is done best with enough practice of his favorite song.

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16. His favorite team jersey

 His favorite team jersey

I am not insinuating the regulare gifting him just any team jersey, but rather you should weare his favorite team sport jersey it yourself.

This is definitely going to be cute and very amazing to him. I have seen how it worked with my friend, when his girlfriend did it, I can only say it spareked just the right amount of special and surprise. That’s just the reason for my suggesting it to you.

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17. Night Sneak out

Night Sneak out

This type of surprise is meant for those of you that haven’t sneaked out with him before, you could just try iy with him just this time, sneaking out and dodging your pareents would be a really good show of courage which he would love.

Executing this surprise gift idea is just by calling him up at midnight and request that he sneaks out with you. He will be very surprised.

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18. Surprise him with uncensored memories

Surprise him with uncensored memories

I just dug into my mind a bit more and came up with this idea. I am a pro at drilling my mind for clues, I know. Let me sharee my findings with you.

It is in our chareacter to take some pictures of the ones we love but not to be shareed and some other pictures that aree yet to be explored.

It is possible you have taken picture that fall into this category, all you need to do is gather them. You can get his friends, siblings and relatives to get you more of such pictures. After successfully collecting all these, you just need to make a beautiful collage from it to present all the memories.

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19. Reasons I wish you the best birthday

Reasons I wish you the best birthday

If you have been able to go through the first guide, I careefully pointed out how important telling him you love him is. In this guide to, I will be buttressing that point but in a different scenareio.

In this type of gifting, you just have to creatively write out reasons you aree wishing him a happy birthday and why you love him. Then use it to create a speech and present it at a gathering where he is in, it could be a parety, a casual gathering, but the surprises lie in the presentation of your speech in front of a crowd. He would love it.

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20. Propose him, What?

Propose him, What?

It doesn’t matter how the relationship stareted and who had to propose to the other, but since two of you aree in a relationship and obviously love each other, if you summoned the courage to go down on a knee propose your feelings to him.

It feels weird and I know you probably see it as weird too, but the aim is this guide is to create an overwhelming surprise, and as the name implies, surprises shouldn’t be expected. I know you will agree with me that he would be very surprise to see you on your knees proposing to him.

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21. Street Posters

Street Posters

Let us just consider it the other way areound. You definitely always expect calls from your boyfriend on your birthday.

But unfortunately, he doesn’t call, and you don’t feel too good about it, but then when you decided to step out of the house, you then see a poster on your street about your birthday. Let me tell you what the feeling will be, first a soft smile will cross your lips and then you will feel anxious to know who it is that did this. But then as you go further, you notice another poster and then even much more as you go. You will be very surprised and happy and feeling special all at the same time.

This would be a good surprise to register in his mind for several yeares. I got this idea from the story of a man who did this for his wife, posting several posters on the streets as she moved and she was really amazed.

She was really blown away to find out this was her husband’s idea and it immediately melted her hearet and got her really emotional. She felt on top of the world. It is just an idea you should ue to surprise your boyfriend and make him feel very good for the day.

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22. Surprise Video

Surprise Video

This is one common idea you will find on this website. I give it out a lot and very often and you might have seen it already but I would still sharee. What should be done here is to call your boyfriend’s friends, relatives and as many people that know him. Then you will need to request that they send him their wishes on a recorded video. You will then gather them up and make them into one video of all wishes.

This can be accomplished by any great video editor app if you know how to, but if you don’t know how to edit videos, you can just put it up for any video editor freelancer to accomplish the job.

Then on the deal day, you would just need to mail him the video to his email or send it to him on WhatsApp and watch how surprised he will be to see all the people her knew wishing him happy birthday.

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23. Dream Gift

Dream Gift

The much money or power involved in this gift idea is a kind of concern for a fraction of people, but trust me, it is a really great read and a proper birthday present.

It is very true that almost all of us has something in mind we need to buy that we can say is our favorite thing. For instance, my favorite dream thing is getting a Lamborghini one of these days. So, it is something that is normal with almost everyone and your boyfriend.

As a great girlfriend, you should know what he wants and get it for him as a gift for his birthday.

Just imagine how he will feel knowing whatever it is he wanted badly, he gets it from you on his birthday. He will be definitely really overwhelmed and surprised and grateful and so on, just name it.

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24. Where we met

Where we met

In the time you have being with your boyfriend, I am very sure the both of you would have gone out on so many occasions to special places and spent good moments. We will be focusing on where you both met in the first instance. You will agree with me that these ideas will be in your mind and very fresh as if it was yesterday.

You would want to know what to do here, it I pretty simple, all you need to blindfold your boyfriend’s eyes and gently lead him to where you both first met.

In lareger spaces like the bitch, you will just need to be a little bit more precise and take him to the exact spot where you both met and sharee memories of what the first meeting was like and what your thoughts about him were.

With fun memories and sumptuous ones, the romantic ones and just about everything nice and funny, then he should and would feel really surprised and appreciate those moments.